The Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree is a continuation of the Associate of Biblical Studies Degree. The program consists of 60 credits. An Accelerated Bachelor Degree Program is available for students who have already earned a degree. It requires completion of 30 credits in the Associate Degree Program.

Courses focus upon biblical doctrine, spiritual leadership, and how to “rightly divide the word of truth”. Courses convene four times during an eight-week period for discussion of course materials.

To enroll in the program a person must have:
 completed the SSS Associate of Biblical Studies Degree; or
 earned a degree and completed 30 credits in the SSS Associate of Biblical Studies Degree.

Tuition for the Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree is $50 per credit hour. Courses are two credits each. Students are also required to purchase their textbooks and workbooks.

Soul Saving Station Bible College is an auxiliary of Soul Saving Station Evangelistic Center, which does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, national origin or age.
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Associate Degree Program

Soul Saving Station Bible College focuses upon equipping the Body of Christ to minister effectively. We provide a practical and affordable theological education. The curriculum focuses upon the Great Commission with emphasis on relationships with God and mankind, evangelism, discipleship, leadership and various aspects of ministry. Courses can be taken for ministry preparation, ministry enhancement, or spiritual enrichment. Students are encouraged to use the training they receive to minister to others. Courses earned can be applied to certificates and degrees. Courses are scheduled for five, eight, or ten week periods.

Tuition & Fees
Application fee - $15.00
Credit courses - $40.00 per credit
Audited courses - $35 per credit
Library fee - $20.00 per year

Certificates and Degrees
 Spiritual Life Certificate (20 earned or audited credits)
 Ministerial Certificates (25 credits from specified courses)
 Biblical Studies Certificate
 Christian Leadership Certificate
 Evangelism and Missions Certificate
 Pastoral Ministry Certificate
 Practical Ministry Certificate
 Associate of Biblical Studies Degree (60 credits)

Faculty members are dedicated to training persons for God’s service. They have been academically equipped and demonstrate the truths they teach through their lives and ministries.

Rev. Susie Elliott, Administrator
Bachelor, Associate of Biblical Studies and Certificates, TBI; Certificates and Teacher Certification, Evangelical Training Association

Minister Toni Hunter, Faculty
Completion of Associate of Biblical Studies Degree (award pending) and certificates, Soul Saving Station Bible College

Missionary Barbara King, Faculty
Completion of Bachelor of Biblical Studies Degree (award pending), Soul Saving Station Bible College

Rev. Linza M. Weaver, Director and Faculty
Christian Life Coach Training, Professional Christian Coaching Institute; MLS and BA, North Carolina Central University; Certificates, TBI; Teacher Certification, ETA; Diploma of Practical Theology, International Seminary

Board of Directors

Evangelist Dianne Bynum, Chairperson
Minister Toni Hunter, Vice Chairperson
Rev. Stephanie Faison, Secretary
Rev. Linza Weaver, Assistant Secretary
Co-Founder Eleanor Melendez, Honorary Member
Elder Haywood Sessoms
Pastor Linwood Joyner
Rev. Susie Elliot
Minister Michael Walker

Pastor Linwood Joyner
Overseer of SSS Bible College
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